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What is the Louisville Youth Orchestra?

What is the Louisville Youth Orchestra?

The Louisville Youth Orchestra is more than just an orchestra. We have nine
separate ability-based ensembles in our organization to help ensure all young
musicians have access to extraordinary musical opportunities.

Our ensembles include two full orchestras, two string orchestras, a percussion
ensemble, brass ensemble, wind ensemble and two Presto! programs for
beginning string players.

What is the Louisville Youth Orchestra?

Is the LYO only for elite musicians?

We like to say, "There is a place for everyone in LYO!", so NO, you do not need
to be an elite musician! With 8 unique ensembles, we have a home for all
student musicians interested in exploring music. We will happily work with you
to find an ensemble that best meets your needs and skill level.

What is the Louisville Youth Orchestra?

Who should play in the LYO?

In short - all student musicians! The LYO has a broad range of ensembles that
are aimed at any instrumentalist looking for an extraordinary musical
experience outside of their school. We are looking for student musicians that
currently read and play music, enjoy being a part of an ensemble and are
interested in performing some of the great works of classical music!
The LYO currently serves over 250 students from 16 counties throughout
Kentucky and southern Indiana.

What is the Louisville Youth Orchestra?

What kind of music do you perform?

We strive for the most diverse programming possible in all our ensembles,
spanning all standard eras of music, world cultures and diversity of composers.
From Bach and Wagner to the soundtrack from Star Wars and Stranger
Things, our student musicians will have the opportunity to perform a wide
range of programming that will help them grow as musicians and appreciate
all that music has to offer.

What is the Louisville Youth Orchestra?

When and where do you rehearse?

Rehearsals start in the middle of September and take place on Sunday
afternoon through April. Depending on your group, rehearsals last anywhere
from 90 minutes to 3 hours.

Our Symphony, Repertory, Brass and Wind ensembles rehearse at YPAS
(1517 S 2nd St, Louisville, KY) and the Concert, Serenade and Percussion
ensemble rehearse at the St. Matthews Pavilion (4121 Shelbyville Rd,
Louisville, KY 40207).

What is the Louisville Youth Orchestra?

What is the audition process like?

First of all - don't stress! This of this more like a placement than an audition.

Our conductors make the process very easy! Schedule your audition and select
your excerpts and scales from our website, practice with your lesson teacher or
school music instructor and come to the audition site on your audition day!
Once there you can warm-up, meet the conductors, play your scales and
excerpts, do a short sight-reading excerpt and you're done!

What is the Louisville Youth Orchestra?

Should I be in my school orchestra or private lessons to participate?

Yes, you must be a member of your school band or orchestra on your
instrument, if your school has such an ensemble.

To audition for the LYO, you do not have to be taking lessons. However, once a
member of the LYO, lessons are required. We can help you find a teacher if

What is the Louisville Youth Orchestra?

How much does it cost to be in the LYO?

The membership fee for 2023-2024 is $550, which covers all rehearsals and
music. Generous need-based 
scholarships are available to assist with the cost
of membership and private lessons.

There is a $100 discount for each additional participating family member.

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