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The LYO accepts applications for financial assistance each year. To apply for either award, a parent or guardian should submit an online application by clicking a button below. The application is brief and includes uploading a copy of supporting tax return documentation. All information submitted is confidential and subject to the LYO Privacy Policy.


The LYO considers several factors to determine awards: annual income, family size, previous LYO participation, and special considerations noted on the form. In 2022, the LYO awarded over $23,000 total in LYO Membership Scholarships and Private Music Lessons Subsidies. The LYO received 33% more applications than in 2021. We also provided over $2,000 in sibling discounts for families with multiple LYO students 

Scholarships for Membership

These need-based awards are applied as a reduction to the cost of membership. Families who receive Membership Scholarships are also given additional weeks to pay the remainder of the cost of membership. 2022 Membership Scholarship awards generally ranged between $150-$400. Family unit incomes of applicants demonstrating need ranged widely. 

Private Music Lesson Subsidies 

These need-based awards are given directly to the student's private lesson teacher to assist with the cost of your private lessons. Private teachers must confirm the student's participation in lessons before receiving the subsidy. Half is awarded in the Fall and half in the Spring, based on successful continuation in the LYO and lessons. 2022 Private Music Lessons Subsidy amounts typically ranged between $250-$380 total for the year. If you don't have a private teacher yet,  It's fine to apply for the subsidy and then get set up with a teacher. The goal of these subsidies is to help make private music lessons affordable to anyone.


Questions? Please email
Paper copies of the application forms are also available at auditions and the first LYO rehearsal.

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