About LYO


It shall be the purpose of the Louisville Youth Orchestra to provide a musical experience of the highest quality for all dedicated young musicians and to provide artful and meaningful education programs for young audiences throughout our diverse communities regardless of race, creed, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or economic circumstances.



Membership in the LYO is open to young musicians up to 21 years old. There are over 350 members from 17 counties and 101 schools.

Members must participate in their school instrumental music programs and take private music lessons.

The annual membership fee is $495 for members of the Symphony Orchestra, Repertory Orchestra, Concert Orchestra, Serenade Orchestra, Percussion Ensembles and Horizons Ensembles. The annual membership fee for our Master Artist Chamber Players is $100.  Scholarships for membership and private music lessons are available and awarded on the basis of need. There is a $100 discount for each additional member within a family through our sibling rebate program.

All members must audition each year prior to placement. Entry is based solely on proficiency and not age.

Rehearsals take place at the Youth Performing Arts School, St. Matthews Pavilion, Byck Elementary School, and Lincoln Performing Arts School.  (For exact information for each ensemble please see Schedule.)




Orchestras & Ensembles
Young musicians can find an orchestra to fit their individual needs and interests. Each orchestra and ensemble is led by its own highly qualified conductor.

Symphony Orchestra
A full orchestra for advanced musicians.

Repertory Orchestra
A full orchestra for experienced musicians

Concert Orchestra
A string orchestra for intermediate musicians.

Serenade Orchestra
A string orchestra for musicians with 2 or more years experience.

Ensembles dedicated to advancing the ability level of various wind families. Our Horizons ensembles include a Brass Ensemble, a Treble Ensemble, and a Single Reed Ensemble.

Percussion Ensemble
Percussion-only ensemble which performs exceptional musical works for the entire range of percussion instruments including keyboard.

Presto! Strings

An orchestra program for students at Byck Elementary School and Lincoln Performing Arts School.



Each orchestra has numerous performances in a variety of locations each season. There are sometimes opportunities to work with guest artists and to perform new compositions. (Please see our schedule for specific dates and times.)

We would love to see you in the LYO!

The LYO creates a musical education experience and discipline that nurtures a lifelong love and respect for the arts. Over 100 hours of rehearsal and instruction are provided each season in addition to performance opportunities.  Please contact the LYO office if you would like to sit in on a rehearsal. Rehearsal locations are:

St. Matthews Pavilion, 4121 Shelbyville Rd (between Thierman Lane and Sears Ave)

Youth Performing Arts School, 1517 South Second Street close to Manual HS and Noe MS

LOUISVILLE YOUTH ORCHESTRA    P.O.Box 997     Louisville, KY 40201-0997     (502) 896-1851     info@lyo.org   

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