Audition Procedure for Harp and Piano

2022-23 Season

Your ensemble placement and seating will be determined by an audition panel.


You will be assessed on:

  • the difficulty of the selections you choose

  • your rhythm

  • your tone quality

  • your musicality

Please prepare the following for your audition:

1. Excerpts

  • Please prepare BOTH of the following excerpts.

  • Please also prepare one additional solo, excerpt, or etude of your choice. The excerpted portion should not exceed 2 minutes.

2. Scales

  • Two or three octaves of any major scale up to 4 sharps/4 flats Scales should be performed in the following fashion:


3. Sight reading

At your audition, you will be presented with music that you have never seen before. You will get a short, specified amount of time to look at it and then you will perform it for the panel.


Links to audition excerpts:

Please note that excerpts will not be available until sometime in May.  If you signed up for Audition Alerts on the Audition page, you will receive an email when excerpts have been posted.




If you have read this information page thoroughly and still have questions about the audition procedure or the excerpts, please email

For Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, and Percussion audition information and excerpts, please return to the Audition Page and click on the link for the section you want.