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February 21, 2021

Production Sheets

Please note the Production Sheets for our March 7 and March 14 concert events.  These items are located on our website and were also sent with your OneCallNow message on February 21.


March Concert Events

Be sure to have your March concert event on your calendar!


Sunday, March 7 – Renaissance Orchestra, Camerata Strings and Esprit Strings

Sunday, March 14 – Percussion Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, Brass Ensemble


DVD Purchases

Our two March events will be videoed in a similar manner to our November/December activities and offered for sale.  We are delighted to let you know that Christian Howes, our guest artist on the March 7 event, has given full permission for the LYO to tape his portion of the performance and offer for sale.  Mr. Howes’ has also indicated that 100% of sales income of these DVDs may be used for the full benefit of the LYO.  He will not expect a portion of the proceeds as is common in the recording industry.  Thank you, Mr. Howes!


Parent Network

LYO official t-shirt sale:  January 17 - March 14

The official t-shirt, to be worn at the April concert, is now on sale.  Follow the link to the store to make your purchase:




Questions?  Email Cindy Watson at parentnetwork@lyo.org


All Members

A list of reminders to make sure our rehearsals runs smoothly and safely.

  1. Bring your mask!

  2. Bring your music stand!

  3. Arrive at the designated time for your ensemble – not early and not late!

  4. Keep six feet of apart while entering the building and entering your rehearsal room.

  5. Wind players!Have all needed instrument covers with you at every rehearsal.

  6. Vacate rooms quickly for the required 30 minutes of aerosol cleaning.


Staff Member Contact Information

Musical and Artistic Questions:  Your Conductor / See your Handbook!

Attendance, Payment, Music for Folders and General Scheduling Questions:

Your Respective Site Manager/Music Librarian

 April Dannelly-Schenck – Esprit String Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble (adannelly.lyo@gmail.com / 1-919-618-2126)

Angela Dixon – Renaissance Orchestra, Camerata String Orchestras (ardixon01@gmail.com / 502-552-5642)

General Business Questions – Amy Noon, Business Manager (businessmanager@lyo,org)

All Other Matters – Melody Welsh-Buchholz, Executive Director (info@lyo.org)

Parent Network – Cindy Watson, President (parentnetwork@lyo.org)

All contact information is listed on the last page of your Handbook.

LOUISVILLE YOUTH ORCHESTRA    P.O.Box 997     Louisville, KY 40201-0997     (502) 896-1851     info@lyo.org   

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