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Sunday, November 22, 2020


Thank You!

The board and staff thank all members and parents for supporting the LYO during this time of great uncertainty.  Your willingness to adjust scheduling, follow the health and safety rules and keeping a smile on your face keeps the staff focused on the “big picture” as we navigate this pandemic.  We are monitoring all mandates as they are sent from the Governor’s office and will keep you quickly appraised of any adjustments and changes needed.  We appreciate each and every one of you!


DVD Purchases

A reminder that DVDs of today’s performance are available for sale.  Orders will be taken through Monday, November 30.  DVDs are $25 and may be purchased on our website at www.lyo.org.  Parents are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to have an audio and visual memory of this fantastic concert.  DVDs will also be available for our Holiday Concert being presented on December 13.


Parent Network

Get your holiday gifts online and shipped directly to you!


-LYO face masks and other spirit wear/merchandise are available to purchase 24/7!  Follow this link:  https://apparelnow.com/louisville-youth-orchestra-apparel


-LYO magnets and stickers with the new LYO logo are also available safely in person.  To purchase, email Cindy Watson at parentnetwork@lyo.org.  Pictures can be seen on the LYO website, go to the Support tab and click on LYO Gear.


Questions? Email Cindy Watson at parentnetwork@lyo.org


Holiday Concert

Our next performance is just around the corner on Sunday, December 13.  This event will be very similar in scope to today’s concert.  We will once again be at the Marriott East in our respective rooms with recording engineers taping for DVDs.  A Production Sheet will be forthcoming soon.  Due to the current room number mandates for venues, the Renaissance Orchestra will NOT be performing on this event but will begin rehearsing music in preparation for the March concert instead.


COVID-19 Reminder

The LYO has now had several very successful rehearsals and a performance during this unprecedented and highly difficult 62nd season.  The board and staff are exceptionally proud of how our members are following the many rules and regulations that are necessary during this pandemic.  We recognize that infection rates are going up; however, as long all rules and regulations are followed, we will be able to offer our membership a first-rate experience.  Your attention to these details is allowing and helping us to continue to provide fantastic musical experiences while under the great duress of the current times.   Many youth orchestras around the country have suspended operations indefinitely – something that we have not had to do as everyone pulls together to keep the LYO ship moving forward in choppy waters.  THANK YOU!  We are monitoring state regulations daily.  Should the Governor call for a shutdown we will let you know immediately.

We remind you that should the need for you to quarantine due to COVID-19 exposure it will not affect your membership in any way.  Simply contact Melody Welsh-Buchholz, Executive Director at info@lyo.org and let us know your circumstances.  We will keep your information completely confidential, and will look forward to having you back with us once your quarantine period is over.


Member Opportunity

Hello! My name is John Bragle, and I am a doctoral candidate in Music Education at Boston University. As a part of my degree, I am conducting a study of adolescent musicians that is examining the development of social identities as they relate to musical career paths.  Participation in this study involves the completion of an online survey that takes less than 10 minutes to fill out. You can stop taking the survey at any time.
If you are interested in helping with this study, please click on this link to proceed to the survey: https://bostonu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_1zynZtWzuao6OgJ.  Again, my most sincere thanks for your assistance in this research. I look forward to seeing the data flow in, and am eager to share the results with you!

All Members

A list of reminders to make sure our rehearsals runs smoothly and safely.

  1. Bring your mask!

  2. Bring your music stand!

  3. Arrive at the designated time for your ensemble – not early and not late!

  4. Keep six feet of apart while entering the building and entering your rehearsal room.

   5. Wind players!  Have all needed instrument covers with you at every rehearsal.


Staff Member Contact Information

Musical and Artistic Questions:  Your Conductor / See your Handbook!

Attendance, Music for Folders and General Scheduling Questions:

     April Dannelly-Schenck (Site Manager) – Esprit String Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble (adannelly.lyo@gmail.com / 1-919-618-2126)

    Angela Dixon (Site Manager) – Renaissance Orchestra, Camerata String Orchestras (ardixon01@gmail.com / 502-552-5642)


General Business Questions and Payments:  Amy Noon, Business Manager (businessmanager@lyo,org)

All Other Matters:  Melody Welsh-Buchholz, Executive Director (info@lyo.org)

Parent Network:  Cindy Watson, President (parentnetwork@lyo.org)

All contact information is listed on the last page of your Handbook



The Board and Staff pride themselves on keeping cost of LYO membership one of the lowest in the nation.  The ACTUAL annual cost of one year of LYO membership p is $1,500.  We are able to keep our membership fee low due to many additional types of fundraising, generous individual donors and corporate support.  There are many ways in which parents can assist us.  Please review the opportunities below.  Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

  1. Family Sponsorship

Forms for Family Sponsorships are online and.  Family Sponsorships offer a range of premiums including tickets, CDs/Videos and listing in all programs.  Gifts are fully tax-deductible.

  2. Amazon Smile

Sign up on AmazonSmile and a portion of all your purchases will go directly to the LYO.  You can sign up at: http://smile.amazon.com/ch/61-0597184.

  3. Kroger

Have a Kroger card in your wallet or on your keychain?

Use your Kroger Rewards Card when shopping at Kroger, support LYO. It's that simple.

Go to www.kroger.com.

If you already HAVE a Kroger.com account:  1) Go to main page and click on the word "Community" on the top right of the screen, just below the "Sign In" box.  2) Under the menu at the left side of the Community page, click on "Kroger Community Rewards".  3) At the bottom of the Kroger Community Rewards page, you will see a box for "ENROLL NOW". Click on the box.  4) On the next page, you can find LYO by typing our name, "Louisville Youth Orchestra", in the search box.  5) Select us by clicking the circle next to our name. Then click "Save" to save LYO as your designated organization.  6) Confirm that LYO is selected as your Community Rewards organization by checking your account profile.

That's it! Now every time you shop and use your Kroger Plus card, you'll be earning rewards for LYO.

If you DO NOT have a Kroger.com account, click on the "Register" button at the top right of the Kroger homepage.

  4. Fund for the Arts

If you are approached to donate to the Fund for the Arts during their annual campaign you can elect to designate your gift to the LYO.  Simply indicate your desire on your donation card or via your company campaign and 100% of your gift will go to the LYO with no administrative fees deducted.

  5. Your Place of Business

If your place of business is willing to sponsor an activity, supply a scholarship, offer matching patron funds or purchase an ad in our programs please contact Melody Welsh-Buchholz, Executive Director at info@lyo.org.  We will be pleased to work with your company to tailor-fit an opportunity that works for them.

  6. Parent Network

Another way of keeping costs low for the LYO is the active support of parents in areas such as ticket sales, CD sales, concert help, rehearsal set-up/tear down assistance, music filing, etc., etc.  If you can offer just a few hours now and again we will not have to hire outside to complete these many tasks.

LOUISVILLE YOUTH ORCHESTRA    P.O.Box 997     Louisville, KY 40201-0997     (502) 896-1851     info@lyo.org   

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