LYO Ensembles Prepared For Exciting Events in March

March 1 

The Concert Orchestra hits the road for the annual middle school tour in March.  The fifty-piece orchestra, which consists of elementary, middle, and high school students, travels around the city. Over the course of eight hours, we will perform at three different middle schools.  The students arrive at the crack of dawn, load the bus with instruments in hand, and attend a music-filled day before returning around 2:30 pm.  The tour is a fantastic opportunity to bring music to the schools and gives the musicians an opportunity to prepare for their concert on March fourth. 

--- Chris Lerner


March 3

The LYO Horizons Ensembles are performing a fantastic concert on Saturday,March 3 at North Oldham High School!  "Musical Storytelling" will feature pieces that are depictions of stories old and new. The music will take you away....

---Doug Elmore


March 4

The LYO's Serenade Orchestra, Concert Orchestra, Presto! Strings, and Percussion Ensemble are performing a concert all about "Myths and Legends" at North Oldham High School on Sunday, March 4.  The music will depict ancient tales of heroes, gods, and fantastic creatures!

---Doug Elmore


March 18

On March 18, the LYO's Symphony Orchestra and Repertory Orchestra will be performing a concert at the historic Brown Theater on Broadway in Louisville. Entitled "Epic Heroes", the concert will feature music dedicated to larger-than-life characters from the past and present, along with our Concerto Competition Winners!

---Doug Elmore