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Symphony Orchestra

Symphony Orchestra is a full orchestra with strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion. It features the LYO's most advanced student musicians whose extra level of preparation and dedication lend to quickly learning advanced repertoire in a wide variety of styles. Throughout the season this ensemble also engages in special sectionals and performs in additional concert opportunities. The LYO Symphony Orchestra rehearses on Sundays at the Youth Performing Arts School from 2:00 to 5:00 PM.


Doug Elmore, Conductor

Season schedule

2022-2023 Symphony Orchestra Roster

Co-concertmaster    Jonathan Melton
Co-concertmaster    Michell Lynch
Assistant Concertmaster    Megumi Martin

ROTATING (alphabetical):
Violin    Nadia Allen

Violin    Brooke Bryant
Violin    Daniel Donaldson
Violin    Isabella Edghill
Violin    Samuel Rios
Violin    Natalie Sato
Violin    Lily Smith
Violin    Carson Vincent
Violin    Abby Wallace
Violin    Vivian Zeru
Violin    Angelia Zhong

Principal Viola    Sam Vittitow
ROTATING (alphabetical)

Viola    Zach Hutchinson
Viola    Sydney Martin
Viola    Matthew Roach
Viola    Chandler Wooton


Principal Cello    Lilian Chung
ROTATING (alphabetical)

Cello    Igor Boyter
Cello    Elena Dawson
Cello    Alara Keeton
Cello    Lucas Meyer
Cello    Ashley Park


Principal Bass    Aaron McFall

ROTATING (alphabetical):
Bass    Drew Goforth
Bass    Daniel May
Bass    Emma Rose


ROTATING (alphabetical):

Flute    Sahil Egbert
Flute    Chipper Fellows
Flute    Reice Hudson
Flute    Paige Perry


ROTATING (alphabetical):

Oboe    Gabrielle Beacham
Oboe    Aditya Pandley
Oboe    Rose Woodcock


ROTATING (alphabetical):
Clarinet    Colin Bouchard
Clarinet    Joseph Dennis
Clarinet    Hyun Kim


Saxophone  Mae Holton

ROTATING (alphabetical):

Horn    Hannah Christensen

Horn    Keegan Coomer
Horn    Carson Kibolski
Horn    Nolan Turner


ROTATING (alphabetical):
Trumpet    Jack Holton
Trumpet    Levi Raver
Trumpet    William Shavkey


ROTATING (alphabetical):

Trombone    Emma Christensen
Trombone    Joe Maiocco
Trombone    Rory McIntyre
Trombone    Jackson Willard
Bass Trombone (occ. Rotating)    Chris Watson


Tuba    Jonathan Devers

Harp     Chipper Fellows

Piano    Jeremy Ye



  Trent Bowman  Principal
  Carson Froedge

  Lillian Rihn


  Trent Bowman  Principal
  Julius Adams
  Carson Froedge

  Lillian Rihn


  Alexander Schardein

  Quinton Schwaniger

Rotating members are listed in alphabetical order.

IMG_7089 2.jpg

LYO Symphony Orchestra students participated in a side-by-side performance with the Louisville Orchestra during the Gheens Great Expectations concert at Whitney Hall in February 2023.  Photo credit: Stephen Cohen Photography

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