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Sheronda Shorter, Presto! Coordinator

The Presto! Strings program focuses on providing introductory instrumental training as students learn to play violin, viola, or cello through engaging class activities


Students begin with no knowledge of the instrument. They progress from learning basic skills such as bow hold, hand and finger positions, and string identification to performing simple new songs that focus on music reading, hand strength, plucking, and bowing techniques.

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Presto! Strings is LYO’s year-one, beginner strings program.  Presto! Strings is open to any and all 3rd through 5th graders interested in beginning violin, viola or cello.  No musical experience is required.  As a Presto! Strings student, you will be introduced to your instrument and work to become an aspiring musician in the group instruction setting.


The first of ten sessions will begin on February 4 at LYO’s St. Matthew’s rehearsal location.  The group instruction will occur on Sunday afternoons beginning from 2-3pm.  Tuition is $150.  For $25, students may rent an instrument through LYO.  Students may also supply their own instrument if they prefer.  Tuition Assistance is available.  


Presto! Strings at St. Matthews will be taught by our brand new Presto! Strings Coordinator, Ms. Sheronda Shorter. 

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