Playing Safe

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the LYO to cancel the final months of our 2019-20 season and now requires us to follow thoughtful, effective, and compliant plans for the 2020-21 season.  Our utmost priority is to ensure the health and safety of our young musicians and our staff.  As always, we will also focus on supporting the LYO mission of providing a musical experience of the highest quality for all dedicated young musicians and to provide artful and meaningful education programs for young audiences throughout our diverse communities.  In order to be successful we will be challenged to find new and different ways to audition, rehearse, and perform. This web page presents some of the resources we have gathered and details some of the materials we have developed to guide us in these efforts..

CDC Reopening Guidance for Cleaning & Disinfecting

Items needed for wind and brass players

1.  Bell covers for wind and brass players:

 The current aerosol studies have found that a double layer masks with merv-13 filters are the best at reducing aerosols.  It is currently very difficult to find these masks to ship immediately.  The following company sells double layer masks without the merv-13 filter., with items in stock. We will have merv-13 cut outs in different sizes at the first rehearsal for students to pick up and put into their bell cover, if they do not already have the filter.


This company has double layer masks with merv-13 filter, but shipping is 3-5 weeks:


2. Overlapping masks for wind and brass players:

:Studies have also found that wearing a mask, in addition to the bell covers/instrument bags, does decrease aerosols emitted in the air. 


The LYO Parent Network is purchasing these masks for all wind/brass players, but they will not be available until the 2nd or 3rd rehearsal.  Until then, please wear any mask with a slit cut into it, so that it may be worn while playing.


If you wish to make an overlapping mask, a pattern is available at 

You can also order one from this company, if desired.


3.  Condensation collection for brass:

All brass players need to bring a towel of some kind (not a paper towel) onto which they can release the condensation build-up from their instruments.  This towel must be taken home with the student after rehearsal. 


4. Instrument Bags - Optional (wind instruments only):

Instrument bags are an additional precaution for wind instruments by covering the keys.  You can purchase them here:


If you wish to make an instrument bag, this company has patterns on its website:

Useful Links

Air filtration guidelines ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers)