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  • Making Memories with Music

  • Appropriate for ages 8-13:

  • Artistic Areas:  Arts Education & Music - Instrumental

Mr. Doug Elmore, Music Director of the Louisville Youth Orchestra, and a group of the young instrumentalists from the Symphony Orchestra, the flagship ensemble of the LYO, will lead elementary and middle school aged students through a series of listening experiences and virtual conversations among the performers about the elements of music: melody, harmony, rhythm; and how these elements are combined to create music. The video experience will include solo performances, improvisations, and a “virtual ensemble”, where the individual performances will be edited into a group piece, overcoming the distances between them. The musicians will also talk about their similarities and differences, and how the art of music-making brings people together, celebrates both their differences and their similarities, and challenges us as to people to aspire to a stronger sense of community.

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