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Concert Orchestra

Concert Orchestra is a string orchestra focused on developing student musicians who are eager to learn diverse repertoire of intermediate levels. Concert Orchestra rehearses on Sundays at the St Matthews Pavilion from 2:15 to 4:45 PM.


Chris Lerner, Conductor

Season schedule

2022-2023 Concert Orchestra Roster

Violin I Principal    Esther Versluis
Violin I Assistant Principal    Taichi Kimura
Violin I    Alex Bina
Violin I    Grace Harbison
Violin I    Ada Heppermann
Violin I    JaeByn Hong
Violin I    Alexander Makdah
Violin I    Sebastian Martinez
Violin I    Catie Mayo
Violin I    Daniel Patterson
Violin I    Amy Tang
Violin I    Aya Timmerman
Violin I    Eric Yang
Violin I    Annabelle Yu

Violin II Principal    Autumn Phan
Violin II Assistant Principal    Joshua Sagum
Violin II    Sam Arcilla
Violin II    Rebecca Conn
Violin II    Joyce Fang
Violin II    Tatiana Hamilton
Violin II    Jocelyn Olvera
Violin II    Medin Pasanbegovic
Violin II    Melissa Pitts
Violin II    Francesca Shirley
Violin II    Alex White
Violin II    Anika Wingard
Violin II    Amir Wiseman

Viola Principal    Sophia Sapienza
Viola Assistant Principal    Tierney Smith
Viola    Kaylin Peck
Viola    Donovan Washer
Viola    J.P. Hankins

Cello Principal   Alina Zheng
Cello Assistant Principal    Genie Mayo
Cello    Collin Liu
Cello    Sophia Lee
Cello    Jack Merry
Cello    Lucy O’Neil
Cello    Julia Trindade

Bass Principal    Emma Stearman
Bass Assistant Principal  
 Isabella Goss
Bass    Mia Notaro

Rotating members are listed in ALPHABETICAL order.

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