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Locations of auditions

Sat/Sun, Sept 3-4: Louisville Collegiate School  map   You must use the door on Ray Avenue!   (Percussion/most piano: see alt location)

You may arrive 20 minutes before you audition to begin warming up. The LYO cannot permit more students in the warm-up room. Music stands will be provided for you.

Masks are required at check in and during any waiting times. During warm-up and audition times, masks are required for strings and strongly encouraged for woodwinds and brass. Bell covers are not requested. This is because Jefferson County is currently declared in a level RED.

Parents/guardians may not accompany the student beyond check-in unless the student is age 12 or younger and needs assistance (as far as the group warm-up room). Parents should also be masked. Please be mindful of other students warming up.

Scholarship forms will be available at the check-in table and are also linked here.

Use command F to find your last name on this page.  Be sure to hit refresh if you have checked the page before.

*Update:  recent 8/31 and 9/1 registrants are now included below. Thank you for your patience!

Saturday, Sept 3 at Collegiate  map  (2 rooms)


9:00 AM D Washer    viola

9:07 AM T Hamilton  violin

9:14 AM B Durkin      violin

9:21 AM S Arcilla      violin

9:28 AM C Liu           cello

9:42 AM A White       violin      

9:56 AM V Franck     violin

10:00 AM M Quinlan   violin

10:03 AM M Riggs      viola

10:10 AM D Arcilla      violin

10:10 AM C Mayo       violin

10:17 AM G Mayo       cello

10:20 AM B Norton     violin

10:24 AM A Wiseman violin

10:30 AM A Pohorilets violin

10:31 AM Le Smith       violin

10:38 AM S Lee         cello

10:40 AM V Zeru        violin

10:45 AM A Salerno  violin

10:50 AM Li Smith     violin

10:52 AM A Wingard violin

10:59 AM L O'Neil     cello

11:00 AM C Wooton  viola

11:06 AM K Peck      viola 

11:10 AM J Zeru       cello

11:13 AM V Oliver    viola

11:20 AM E Stice     viola

11:20 AM J Hepperman cello

11:30 AM A Aphaivongs viola

11:34 AM I Goss        bass

11:40 AM I Embers    viola

11:41 AM Z Castillo   violin

11:48 AM V Sabbineni cello

11:50 AM E Rose       bass

11:55 AM A Fuller      cello

12:00 PM T An           viola

12:02 PM W An          violin

1:12 PM J Muller        bass

1:19 PM K Frizzell     cello

1:20 PM J Hong         violin

1:26 PM M Kling        cello

1:30 PM S Martinez    violin

1:33 PM A Kaiser       viola

1:40 PM A Porter       cello

1:40 PM J Trindade    cello

1:47 PM J Olvera       violin

1:50 PM E Rekapally  cello

1:54 PM V Nori           violin

2:01 PM E Towles      violin

2:10 PM A Keeton      cello

2:20 PM M Martin       violin

2:30 PM R West         viola

2:40 PM M Roach      voila

2:50 PM J Melton      violin

3:00 PM A Ashby Roma violin

3:10 PM M Sandusky  viola

3:20 PM N Senthilvel  violin

3:30 PM N Sato          violin

3:40 PM S Lord          viola

3:50 PM M Mahoney   cello

4:00 PM M Wigginton bass

4:10 PM H Oh             cello

4:20 PM A Park           cello

4:30 PM B Tauil-Leon  bass

4:40 PM D May           bass

4:50 PM A McFall       bass

5:00 PM JP Hankins   viola

5:10 PM  C  Shaju      violin

5:30 PM  I Calhoun    violin


Sunday, Sept 4 at Collegiate  map


12:00 PM    S Martin    viola
12:10 PM    A Rowland   saxophone
12:20 PM    J Sullivan     saxophone
12:30 PM    R Eaves       saxophone

12:35 PM    S Crawford   flute
12:40 PM    M Chandler  flute
12:50 PM    E Kolb          flute 
1:00 PM    Y Diop            flute
1:10 PM    J Starkweather  clarinet
1:20 PM    E Kim               clarinet

1:25 PM    E Byrum           clarinet
1:30 PM    S Williams        tuba

1:35 PM    C Byrum          horn

1:40 PM    J Beacham      flute
1:50 PM    G Beacham     oboe
2:00 PM    A Akrami         flute

2:05 PM    A Bradshaw   flute

2:10 PM    J Hernandez   sax

2:15 PM    L Bradshaw    sax
2:20 PM    C Evans          flute 

2:30 PM    H Jella           flute

2:40 PM.   R Hudson      flute  
2:45 PM    A Pandey       oboe

2;50 PM    H Basham     oboe
2:55 PM    E Selch          saxophone

3:00 PM    S Egbert        flute 
3:50 PM    T Beacham    tuba
4:00 PM    L Selch         trombone
4:10 PM    R Egbert      euphonium
4:20 PM    J Maiocco    trombone
4:30 PM    K Waggoner  trombone
4:40 PM    B Harrelson   trombone
4:50 PM    R Allgeier     trumpet

4:55 PM    P Mattingly    trumpet
5:00 PM    T Cooley       trumpet

5:05 PM    D Vogt          trumpet
5:10 PM    W Shavkey   trumpet
5:20 PM    L Raver         trumpet
5:30 PM    M Carroll       euphonium
5:40 PM    E Spicer        euphonium

5:45 PM.   S Shivakumar piano (at Collegiate)
5:50 PM    C Watson      trombone
6:00 PM    W Bennett     trombone
6:10 PM    R Dye           trombone
6:20 PM    G Spohn       trombone

6:25 PM.   J Ye              piano (time/location change to audition at Collegiate)
6:30 PM    J Morrison     tuba
6:37 PM    C Wade         tuba
6:44 PM    J Thomas      tuba

6:47 PM    A Puckett     horn
6:51 PM    D Lyons        horn
6:58 PM    C Kibiloski    horn
7:05 PM    S Cox            horn
7:12 PM    C Fellows     harp

7:17 PM    M Lewis        horn

7:24 PM    S Lewis           bassoon






4121 Shelbyville Rd  map

3:00 PM    Q Schwaniger    Percussion
3:10 PM    E Kim           Percussion
3:20 PM    E Dawson    Percussion
3:30 PM    M Cutler       Percussion
3:40 PM    A Gie           Percussion

3:50 PM    J Brown       Percussion
4:00 PM    T Bowman   Percussion

4:10 PM    N Garza       Percussion
4:20 PM    F Paris          Percussion
4:30 PM    B McAtee     Percussion
4:40 PM    L Rihn           Percussion
4:50 PM    A Galloway   Percussion
5:00 PM    D Ernst         Percussion
5:10 PM    J Salls          Percussion
5:20 PM    J Cox           Percussion
5:30 PM    S Sherrill      Percussion
5:40 PM    C Agarwal    Piano 
5:50 PM    V Pendyala   Piano 

6:00 PM    J Adams      Percussion

6:10 PM    A Richie       Percussion

6:20 PM    W Naber      Percussion      

Thought you were scheduled but can't find your name? Please email or   


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