Run Out To Westport



The Louisville Youth Orchestra Concert orchestra performed in a run-out concert on March 12, 2013 at Westport Middle School.  The musicians presented a concert for the students of the sixth grade class and participated in a side-by-side experience with Elizabeth Drakes sixth grade orchestra


The concert orchestra first performed their repertoire for the upcoming March 17 concert at New Albany High school.  Then, the combined group rehearsed a piece Ms. Drake chose to fit the level of her sixth grade class.  The experience culminated in a side-by-side performance of this piece. The collaboration between the Louisville Youth Orchestra musicians and the Westport musicians was a great opportunity to reach out into the community. The Louisville Youth Orchestra is already planning similar side-by-side concerts for next year.

westport3_130312.jpg westport4_130312.jpg westport5_130312.jpg