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contrabassoonWelcome Bigtoot

Thanks to the generosity of patrons through and to a generous grant from the Kentucky Colonels, we have now been able to order a contra-bassoon for the LYO.  This magnificent instrument will enable our orchestras to perform the wonderful, large orchestral works of the classical, romantic and contemporary periods.  No one rents a contra-bassoon and no one in town has one for us to borrow.  But now we have our very own!

The German translation for bassoon is "a bundle of sticks". When you are looking to buy a CONTRA bassoon it becomes a VERY BIG bundle of sticks and a VERY big bundle of dollars!  The LYO greatly appreciates the support of all who made this possible.

"I have been waiting for over five years for the LYO to have the necessary funds to purchase this beautiful and amazing instrument.  So much of the repertoire that our Symphony Orchestra and Repertory Orchestra perform requires a contrabassoon.  It adds incredible richness and depth of sound to the orchestra!  I'm thrilled and so grateful to everyone who gave through our Power2Give online drive and the Kentucky Colonels for making this possible.  Thank you!"

--- Jason Seber, Music Director