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See Barbara Sexton-Smith's
video blog about the concert.

More than 1,400 middle school students filled the Brown Theater on March 25 for a morning concert featuring the LYO Symphony Orchestra.  The concert was made possible thanks to the support of the Fund for the Arts and planning has already begun to explore the possibility of similar concerts in the future.


For many of the students this was their first opportunity to hear a live orchestra and, judging from their response, it was an excellent experience.


Jason Seber introduced each piece with a thoughtful narrative that described its significance and the orchestra demonstrated main themes beforehand so they could be anticipated.  (The entire concert was designed to support the core curriculum of the schools).


The Symphony musicians played a magnificent concert and the young audience leaped to its feet for an extended ovation.  It was a magical morning as young musicians shared their talents with a young audience.


The audience remained engaged throughout the hour-long program and many were undoubtedly moved by both the music and the remarkable setting.  Some concertgoers talked afterward about how the program heightened their appreciation of personal freedom and the power of music in changing societal injustices.  Hopefully this will be the first of many such concerts!