Sectional Coaches

2013-14 Season

The LYO is extremely grateful to the professional musicians
who have served as sectional coaches this season:

Meghan Casper (Viola)

Steve Causey (French Horn)

Chris Combest (Low Brass)

Nick Finch (Cello)

Don Gottlieb (Woodwinds)

Bruce Heim (Brass)

Trevor Johnson (Oboe)

Kathy Karr (Flutes)

Matthew Karr (Bassoon)

Andrea Levine (Clarinet)

Jonathan Mueller (Viola)

Marilyn Nije (Woodwinds)

Julia Preston (Cello/Bass)

Jim Recktenwald (Trumpet)

Rob Simonds (Violin)

Stacy Simpson (Brass)

Emma Sutton (Violin)

Steve Taylor (Violin)

Evan Vicic (Viola)

Judy Wilson (Violin)

Bert Witzel (Bass)

Paul York (Cello)