One Call Now

automated phone tree

LYO uses the One Call Now automated phone call system to notify Symphony, Repertory, Concert, Serenade, Horizons and Percussion members of important information such as cancellations due to weather, unexpected schedule changes, etc.

Members will receive a call at the number(s) they designate whenever there is a message from their conductor or from the LYO. Members can also call a toll-free number if they want to check on messages while they are away. See summary information below or click here for Phone Tree Instructions.

Retrieving Recent Message:

  • Retrieve your most recent Phone Tree Message(s) by calling:
    (877) 698-3261 or (866) 321-4255. (These are toll-free calls.)
  • At the greeting press 1, and then enter the phone number that One Call Now normally calls to reach you. Be sure to enter one of the two numbers you selected for the LYO Phone Tree.
  • If your message requires a touch-tone reply, press the appropriate key for your answer.

When You Move or Change Phones:

  • If you need to change your Phone Tree number(s), please contact your orchestra's Production Manager. See the Student Handbook for contact information.

Getting Help:

  • If you encounter a problem using the Phone Tree, you may email the administrator, Tom Perry at You can also reach Mr. Perry most evenings at 502-629-2926.